Training Tonight Almost Killed Me!

That is not a slight exaggeration, Jayson really did put us through the mill tonight and had us running and jumping for most of the two hour training session, I think we got about 10 minutes of football out of it.

I was OK on the way to the train station, a little tired after all the running because my ample frame can not tolerate it as it used to when I younger and fitter. But as I got up out of my seat to get off the train at Bethnal Green station I felt pain shoot up both my calfs.

I had to walk home like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster (Frankenstein was not the name of the monster, it was the name of the doctor a lot of people make this error) as it felt like my calf muscles had been removed and replaced with jagged rocks.

When I got home I got straight in a warm bath hoping that this would ease my suffering but although the pain and stiffness went away it came back again about an hour later. If it persists tomorrow I shall have to get one of those gel packs that proper athletes use when they bash their knee or shoulder.

Image by Frank Becker from Pixabay

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