Train Strikes And Doughnuts

I woke up today ready to tackle a 7-mile long run (it is a long run for me with my current journey back to fitness) through Epping Forest. I have started doing my Sunday runs through Epping Forest in a bid to strengthen myself as a runner. It will hopefully stand me in good stead for cross-country and future road races with hilly sections.

I arrived at the train station only to discover that it was closed as there were no trains from Liverpool Street to Chingford (where I enter Epping Forest), due to a rail strike. I thought it was next weekend, but as there seems to be so bloody many that it shouldn’t come as a huge shock to forget about at least one of them.

I headed straight for my local Sainsbury’s and bought doughnuts and a bottle of coke and then headed home to consume them in bed.

Comfort eating is something I still need a lot of help with.

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