Today Was A Good Day!

Yes you are reading the title of this post correctly. Today something marvellous happened, something that not even the greatest minds in the world could have imagined with all their huge brains scooped out of their heads and stuck together to make one huge sticky brain! I am in a good mood!

I’m not really sure why I’m in a good mood, I’m not going to start looking too hard or I might start getting into a bad mood again and I don’t think my liver would handle another bender like I had the other night.

It was nice to wake up and not instantly be in a mood. I pottered about, did a couple of articles, lightly scolded someone online for worrying about me, secured a few more article gigs and watched lots of telly.

I was given some free tickets to see a comedy show tonight in Angel, I had nobody to go with and being a tight bastard I was not going to let the tickets go to waste so I went on my own. Good job I did not pay for the tickets (everyone else did!) as the acts were terrible.

One even did mainly Peter Kay jokes for 20 minutes. I have never left a comedy show early before but I was home way before the show was due to end at 10:30pm. But even this did not stifle my good mood. :-)

I’m running out of vitamins so I had to make another stock up and was lucky to find a web site that sells discount supplements which will save me a bit of money than buying them from my local chemist. Which is what I did before.

I have nothing planned for the weekend, I might go to the pub on Saturday and watch the England game but apart from that I think I will be pottering about the house and sleeping. I do these two things rather well. :-)

Hopefully this good mood will last more than one day. :-)

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