Today Is A Good Day … So Far

Since I blocked her number I have not received anymore texts or voice mails from the mental woman who chatted me up on Sunday. Well she has not managed to track me down online yet.

I received an email this morning from someone who wanted to know if I could tell her what the best weight loss pill on the market was. I know I have written about this type of thing before but I am by no means an expert on the subject and was sadly unable to point her in the right direction.

I did send her an email telling her that I think she should put her women’s magazine away and stop fretting about being a size zero, but I think that might have made me come across as a rather creepy little pervert.

It has been a weird couple of days. I spent most of it in bed just being grumpy and not wanting to communicate with anybody apart from a couple of people online. I have five jobs that I have been meaning to find out about but I just have not bothered doing it, instead I’ve stayed in bed watching both series of The Smoking Room.

But today when I got out of bed I decided it was going to be a good day. It is currently 11:29am as I write this and things are going well today. I’ve been out for a nice walk in the sun and now I’m cracking on with some work that I’ve needed to finish since Monday.

It should be a quiet weekend. I’m staying in Friday, Saturday I might go out with Reiss if he is about (I’ve not been out with him for a while) and Sunday is football and maybe another trip to the Hen & Chicken to see King Of Everything if they are on.

Yesterday I saw a man smash his mobile phone.

There was no screaming or yells of anger, he just slammed his phone onto the concrete and stood there as it shattered into about a hundred pieces. He then just calmly walked away.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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