Three Places to Buy Petite Size Women Clothing

Shopping for petite clothing can be frustrating when the market is catered to an average size women and men at 5 feet 4 inches or 5 feet 10 inches respectively. Especially for women, they love to wear nice clothes and shoes so it’s frustrating when they can’t find a place that sells clothing according to their size. Women with special size 36aaa or 32a bras can also be frustrated when they want to achieve the same look as those Victoria Secrets model (Source: 36aaa bras at Lula Lu).

The fashion industry has finally taken notice of this large consumer gap in the past few years and many department stores are creating a petite line for women. Here are three companies that have successfully created a petite line for females.

Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic – As many people know these three chains are owned by the same company. All stores offers a variety of causal and work clothing including tops, dresses, pants and coats at various price points catered to different people’s financial situation.

Petite Sizing: Sized for petites 5’4″ and under
Petite Size Range: Petite 00 to 14; some styles are sized XS –XL
Dress Pricing: $79-$150 (Banana Republic), $49.50-$78 (Gap), $12.96-$54.94 (Old Navy)
Retail Stores: More than 1000 stores

Ann Taylor – This retail store is the best place to shop for your work wardrobe. Originally, the brand caters to a more mature group of women ages 35 or above. They are now also expanding their brand to carter to a younger and trendy crowd.

Petite Sizing: Sized for women 5’3″ and under
Petite Size Range: 00P-16P
Dress Pricing: Between $100 and $200
Retail Stores: Over 300 retail stores

H & M – They are a Swedish multinational retail-clothing catering to men, women, teenagers and children clothing. Although they don’t have a petite line, but their sizing are petites friendly. The clothing tends to run small and many petite women loves this brand for it’s size.

Petite Sizing: Sized for all women
Petite Size Range: Size XS – 3XL, or size 2-32
Dress Pricing: Between $12.95 – $59.95
Retail Stores: Over 2,300 retail stores

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