This Should Stop The Nosey Neighbours!

Days Without Alcohol: 14

At the moment we are slowly but surely decorating the flat (it has needed it after the dog ate the carpets and the sofa!) and I was browsing about on Google looking for some online shops when I came across the perfect thing to hang on my windows to stop my nosey neighbours peering in!

One of my windows does not have anything up against it so people walking past can (and often do!) stand there and peer in at me or watch my TV. This is because the hooks holding the curtain up keep coming out of the holes.

I’m going to fill in the holes and then buy some lovely Bamboo shades for both windows. I’m not really a man for decorating but they really sprang out from the web site at me.

After picking out some that I like I now have the urge to go and do something manly like scratch myself.

Image by calimiel from Pixabay

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