This Blog Should Carry A Health Warning

I really do wish this blog was more happy instead of the anger, hate and bile that is regularly contained on it’s pages. I wish I could write nice things like having a threesome with a fairy and a leprechaun while an intrigued unicorn looked on.

Sadly I seem to be surrounded by complete and utter cunts of the highest order who, it seems, have been placed on this Earth with one goal in life and that is to annoy me as much as they possibly can.

I keep dusting myself down and then climbing back onto the wagon but to be honest I’m not sure how many times I will be able to get back up and try again. I can feel the will fading away each time.

On the plus side I pour out nearly all of my anger into this blog so at least I’m not taking out my anger by getting into as many random fights like I used to before this blog existed.

Work is not going well at the moment. I think it might be because we are in the middle of the school holiday work period and we have nobody to tell us what to do. Normally the supervisor will give us the list of what needs doing but for some reason she has not come into work for the past two weeks so we just guess what needs doing.

Monday I actually fell asleep at work. I turned up at my normal holiday time of 3pm to find I was the only cleaner on duty, everyone else had come in early and gone home. I had no instructions on what to do so I basically sat in the disabled toilet on the top floor for three hours listening to my Ipod, reading some books and falling asleep.

I got paid for that, which was good, but I had no lighter so could not go outside for a cigarette. I guess I could have asked someone in the street for a light but I’m too proud to do that.

Tuesday I was cleaning a classroom wall and just threw everything down and walked out after an hour, I just wasn’t in the mood to clean.

I spoke to Thes today (Wednesday) online which cheered me up a bit so I managed to stay for my entire shift although I did stomp around a lot and threw the broom at the wall. I shouldn’t do that again as the dust on the broom went on the white wall and took me ages to remove.

I’ve got the BT man coming on Friday to install the phone line. My dad now doesn’t want it (despite moaning about wanting it and me even getting it put in his name) so I’m getting it put into my room and then next month he will get his own phone line just to be difficult.

The broadband will be set up on Monday 17th.

Although I use the internet to make the majority of my income I have actually sort of enjoyed not having access to it like I did before. I spent WAY too much time online and it was having some sort of weird effect on me. I’d spend hours at a time hunched over the computer, that can’t be good.

Although it wasn’t as bad as when I first got the internet at home. I was on dial-up (remember that, kids?) and got free internet in the evening (6pm till 8am) and free all weekend. So I’d stay on it from 6pm till 8am and then sleep till 6pm and do it all over again.

That was at a time when people were upgrading from 28 to 56 and the world thought that was awesome speed. Funnily enough I actually miss that irritating noise it made when it connected you to the internet.

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