Third Time Lucky!

Today I took the girlfriend on a sort of lunch date. It was really just so we could spend a bit of time together as with her two children and her friend constantly in our faces it was just nice to have some time to ourselves.

We went to get my head shaved, then onto Cash Converters to pick up a cheap temporary phone, when back to mine for a bit, then to the chippy, then back to mine until it was time for her to go and pick up her youngest and for me to get ready to go to work.

Speaking of work: I was half an hour late tonight as I was half way there on the train when I had to get off and go back home for my pass to get into the school. They were very understanding about it.

But what might shock you all is that tonight there were no issues! Cleaners went home when they were supposed to, all lights turned off, all windows were closed, all doors locked, and all three alarms were successfully activated.

I finally managed it!

How did I do it? I slowed myself down. I tend to get a bit flustered when I need to do things in a certain order, at a certain pace, at a certain time. But tonight I said “to hell with time! If it takes me an extra hour to get it all done then so be it, at least then I won’t make any mistakes.” And that is exactly what I did.

And I was able to go home at 9pm (my finishing time).

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

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