Thinking Of Myself For A Change

I am so close to just walking away from it all. I think having a bit of a break from certain people might be a good idea, it might be good for me and it also might make them see how much shit they are causing me by putting me in the middle of their petty little hate games.

Somehow I doubt it will make either of them see sense though. Sometimes it is best just to throw your hands up in the air and walk away.

I had an OK time in Hastings on Friday. I say ‘OK’ because Kerry was being a bit of a pain with me. She has started calling very nasty names, made a remark about the state of the psoriasis on my legs, told me to go home under her breath and threw my shoes into the sea.

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m rather self conscious about myself So as soon as she made the remark I tried to cover my legs and arms, which cause an argument as she is adamant that she was not talking to me. She was.

On the way home on the train I made a decision that I need to start concentrating on myself. Instead of spending all my money going down to Hastings twice a week I should be at home working at earning money online like I used to.

I should be concentrating on sorting the new flat out so I can start living there. After all I am paying rent for the place.

Photo by Shawn Scammahorn from FreeImages

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