They Don’t Make Oyster Cards Very Sturdy

I did not go to work today. I keep my debit card and my Oyster card in a little yellow wallet that I was given when I got my Oyster card. I left it in one of my back pockets and sat down. The debit card was fine but the oyster had a nice long crease mark through the middle of it rendering it unusable.

I had no other means of getting to work as I don’t don’t get paid until tomorrow. I could have asked my dad but I don’t like doing that as he cries when he lends money to people and then he slags them off on the phone to anybody who will listen to him.

I was going to phone them and tell them I would not be in today but that I would do my hours tomorrow to make up for it.

Only problem was I have a new phone and I don’t have their number saved on it. So I spent two hours searching the internet trying to find their number but they must not want people to call them as I could not find a number that worked.

I’m hoping that I can go in tomorrow and speak to Mark (my boss) and explain things and he won’t have me escorted off the grounds. It will mean I’ll have to do six hours tomorrow instead of three. I know that is not much and most of you do eight but this is not about you, selfish.

So I had the entire day off from work, you would have thought I’d get a lot of my online work done. I didn’t get a single thing done apart from this blog post. I spent the entire time trying to think of silly things to do instead of working.

I played three different types of football management games that I own. I looked up recipes (I haven’t cooked in fucking years!). I looked up the new glut of diet pills that are hitting the market. I even tried my hand at playing a game Thes showed me ages ago called Elephant Mud. And of course I ponced about on Facebook and Twitter.

Anything just so I could not do the work I would be paid for doing.

Actually I probably should not use the world ‘glut’ when talking about diet pills. It’s a bit like when you’re talking about the Olympics and the Paralympics and you refer to the Olympics as the ‘normal’ Olympics. Not a smart move.

Image by SeppH from Pixabay

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