There Is Profit In Used Cars

I have an uncle who used to be infatuated with buying cheap used cars. He would buy one, spend a bit of money doing it up and would then place adverts in local and regional newspapers and sell it for a nice big profit. In fact he went through them so fast that when he came to see us every month he would have a new car in tow.

Second hand cars are still pretty big money in the United Kingdom even in the current financial climate (I hate the term Credit Crunch, makes it sound like a breakfast cereal) that we are going through as more and more people are looking for a bargain and buying a used car is much cheaper than buying a brand new one (obviously).

Sadly he no longer buys and sells cars now as he is almost 40 and has a family to look after and provide for. So now when he buys a car he keeps it for a good few years before acquiring a new one.

But where my uncle has stopped a distant cousin of mine has seemingly picked up the baton and is running with it as it were. He has now set up his own used cars for sale business which seems to be doing very well even if it is only his second year up and running.

He buys a car from an ad in a newspaper, spends about a month doing it up with a couple of people and then sells it on for a nice big fat profit. I must remember to ask him for a job if my current one ends soon!

Photo by Dalibor Ogrizovic from FreeImages

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