The Revenge Of The Shellards

Since I got back from Manchester at the weekend I have been struck down by a cough and a cold that was given to me by my ex-girlfriend’s evil three year old grandson. I thought he loved me as he crawled all over me, snuggled up to me to watch Fireman Sam and randomly coughed in my face.

Maybe that was his punishment for me and his grandmother breaking up? My ex left me standing in the freezing cold for nearly three hours, her daughter showed me her tits (was that a punishment?), her youngest son acted his normal self (definitely a punishment) and her mate Trish let me watch Millwall lose on Sky at her house (absolutely a punishment).

The problem with being ill is that I can not do any work, this would be fine if I worked for someone else, I could just go into work and keep my head down until I’m better, but working for myself means that if I don’t work then I don’t get paid.

And at the moment I’m thoroughly enjoying my work so being ill right now has come at the worst possible time.

I am even starting to get people contacting me with work, this is a nice feeling when people are seeking me out rather than me having to spend hours a day searching and begging for a couple of scraps of work.

I have even started turning work away, mainly because I don’t need to resort to writing about porn and diet pills these days, which is good, although I still might write about them on this blog just to annoy Will. 🙂

Photo by Daniel Szwalkiewicz from FreeImages

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