The Quest To See Serj Tankian (Part 2)

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So there I am sitting in my seat (well I say seat, it was actually a long bench about a foot off the ground with a little bit of padding) and people are slowly pouring in when I need to go to the loo. I had drunk two bottles of water before I went into the pub and two pints of beer in there. I also went to the loo in the pub twice with a full bladder on both occasions.

By the time InMe had finished their set I had been another FOUR times and then again while Serj was on stage and then again for a sixth time overall as I was about to leave the venue. Each time I had a full bladder, how does that work out?!

I put on my glasses and immediately looked at the floor as I fumbled in my pocket for my mobile phone and then started reading through my text messages, now and again looking up as if to give the impression that I had my glasses on so I could read my text messages. I noticed that nobody was paying any attention to me and slowly started to not only relax but then started not giving a shit if people saw me with my glasses on or not.

I am very self-consciousness about wearing my glasses in public, I normally only wear them when I am at home (and because of this my eyesight has suffered) so to sit in a building with about a thousand other people with my glasses on is a fucking major achievement on my part.

I’ve been a huge fan of InMe since I heard their Overgrown Eden album back in 2003/2004. Underdose is possibly still my favourite song from them.

I managed to offend an entire row of posh birds who had obviously never been to this kind of gig before because whilst everyone was on their feet and cheering like mental people, these women remained seated and were lightly tapping their hands in slight applause like they were at an opera or a play. They went downstairs after InMe’s set and never came back up.

Before InMe’s set and before Serj’s set the stage was in darkness and I could see people running around on the stage with flashlights trying to get the stage set up for the bands. Why were they doing this in the dark? Why not put the fucking lights on and do it instead of tripping over in the dark? Or better still pull the damn curtains!

To say how great Serj was would be quite impossible, I am not talented enough as a writer to be able to do him justice on page. Words such as ‘awesome’, ‘phenomenal’, ‘mind-blowing’ and even ‘electric’ should all be combined into one huge new word to even come close to describing his set.

It was the first time I have ever seen an artist smash up their equipment live on stage before and it got possibly a bigger reaction from the crowd than his songs did! At one point he smashed up his keyboard halfway through his set then had to stand there like a lemon while a tech guy fixed it because his next song was mainly a keyboard song!

When I came out of the building I got on a bus and it was not until I got halfway to Old Street that I realised I was still wearing my glasses, of course I immediately became self conscious about wearing them and took them off.

I am definitely going to more gigs, I am already looking at going to see Thunder in November and Black Stone Cherry in December. When I got home I could not sleep for hours so I went on MSN and bored everyone on my list about how great the night was.

Reiss was well annoyed that he did not go!

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