The NHS Ruined My Weekend

I had to cancel my plans for the weekend last night, I was due to go up to Manchester, to spend the weekend with the girlfriend and clean and decorate her bathroom for her, but the hospital suddenly moved one of my dad’s dialysis appointments from Thursday evening to Friday evening so I had to cancel my trip.

As you can imagine this really made my girlfriend unhappy but it isn’t something that can be helped, he doesn’t want to go in on Fridays any more than I want to spend my weekends stuck in at home, he has written them a letter asking to be seen Thursdays again.

I did feel a bit sorry for him as he was ready and sitting in his chair by 4pm and they didn’t tell him he wasn’t going until gone 7pm when he phoned them to enquire when the transport would be picking him up.

So instead of spending my Friday night cleaning my girlfriend’s grotty bathroom I spent the evening working and watching Smackdown while waiting for my dad to be dropped off.

No wonder the NHS is in such a poor state when they do things like move appointments and don’t feel the need to tell the patient, especially a patient who could DIE without the procedure. I wonder if they do this across the board? Do they change the times when drug addicts are due their drug rehab treatment without informing them?

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