The Mucky Pup Sell Black Sheep Now!

Bethnal Green Celtic’s poor run of pre-season matches continues as we went down 5-2 to Castle United Reserves yesterday. We actually took the lead and were beating them 2-0 but people got too cocky and thought the game was all done and dusted.

Then for some reason the assistant manager decided to sub me and bring on a young defender who made mistake after mistake. When I walked off everyone on the pitch and sideline was stunned that I was being subbed as me and Johnny (the other centre back) had more or less dealt with everything the opposition threw at us.

I’ve said it before. This team is going to get eaten alive in the league next month.

Reiss tried to arrange a team night out but it ended up being only me and him. Which was cool, we went to the Steam Passage for a beer but Reiss wanted to get out of their and go to The Mucky Pup.

He didn’t say that, he said he’d let me choose if we stay or go to another pub and that normally means “I hate this fucking pub and want to go to another one” and Reiss walked us past about ten pubs and straight into The Mucky Pup.

I’ll be honest, I’ve had better nights in there.

I didn’t want to play pool but Reiss and some guys kept badgering me and I eventually relented and played killer, but I deliberately played shit so I’d get knocked out quickly so they’d leave me alone. Reiss took it really seriously and actually won the second game they had.

I went outside for a cigarette and Reiss came out with some people and they started doing the Hakka in the middle of the fucking road while some woman filmed them. Again I was happy puffing away and watching but was badgered and pressured into doing it for a couple of seconds.

What part of ‘no’ don’t some people accept? What is it about the word ‘no’ that turns people into Mrs Doyle from Father Ted? I say ‘no’ and I get ‘ah go on’, ‘go on, go on, go on, go on……’ until I just say ‘OK’ for a bit of fucking peace.

Even when I said to Reiss I did not want another drink he kept on and on until I relented and ordered half pints.

I saw a guy called Josh (a guy that Reiss complains about almost all the time) walk up to Reiss and then wipe his wet face and hands on Reiss’ t-shirt. Reiss just stood there and smiled like a fucking idiot as this guy used his t-shirt like a hand towel.

This was the same guy I had words with once when he wrote on the back of my jumper with a marker pen. When I pulled him up about it his reply was “it’s invisible ink”. I don’t give a shit what kind of ink it is, don’t write on my fucking top, you cunt!

A woman approached me when I was outside. I wasn’t in a mood to be chatty and she picked up on it by saying how it is good to stay out of things, keep yourself to yourself and not get involved. She stroked my arm a couple of times, I just smiled and walked back into the pub as she got offended that I blanked her.

I never asked her to speak to me, or invade my personal space by stroking my arm. I came outside to get away from all these cunts, not be followed outside by them.

When I went inside someone grabbed my arm and I spun round and the guy almost got a punch in the face for doing something so fucking stupid. I knew who it was, it was the guy who was doing the Hakka dance thingy with Reiss earlier. You don’t grab me in an aggressive manner unless you want a broken nose.

There is a new guy working behind the bar. I don’t like him. Miserable moany mouthy cunt.

That’s enough bad shit. One good thing about today was The Mucky Pup are selling Black Sheep. I fell in love with this stuff when I was in Hastings last year. Although in typical Mucky Pup fashion it comes out almost flat.

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