The Mother Of All Journeys

I have spent so much time and money going to the new flat in the past week or so that I would do very well if there was some kind of travel reward card scheme where you earned points per miles or something.

Rather than hiring a removal van I’ve been taking a couple of things with me every time. Backpack and two items to carry in my hands. It seems to be working, I’m no taking the furniture with me so I think I made the correct choice.

Especially when you see what I intend to do tomorrow!

I wasn’t going to go to the flat tomorrow but I’ve changed my mind. It means a staggering one hour and forty minute journey there and then another one back. There is no train there on a Sunday and the Central line is partially closed.

Who in their right mind would to that kind of travelling just to spend the day cleaning and becoming embarrassed when the neighbours see you adding even more rubbish bags to the huge pile you’ve already created since Friday?

It will be worth it when I can move in though I’m sure of it.

Photo by Oren Kwintner from FreeImages

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