The More I Clean, The More Angry I Become

It seems to me that the more I clean at the new flat the more angry I become at how someone could live in such filth. Today I tackled the bedroom and I had to go and buy some industrial gloves to scrap the dried shit and body fluid off of everything from the cabinets to the mattresses to the wooden floors!

Nobody can ever accuse me of being afraid to get my hands dirty.

Yesterday the binmen came and this morning I put another 20 bags of rubbish out for them, they won’t come until next Thursday so God knows how many will be there by then. They haven’t emptied the wheelie bin either which is crammed with rotting food. I ain’t touching it.

I did some more of the kitchen, all I have to do in there now is clean out a tall cupboard, give the floor a scrub and then it will be ready for painting.

I won’t be back there until Tuesday. Watching Millwall tomorrow, Sunday there are no trains, Monday I have to sign on. So hopefully I’ll finish the kitchen and the bedroom on Tuesday.

I’ve been wondering what to do with the space just above the old fire place. I thought about putting a picture there and then I thought about putting a mirror there but I think I will put an LCD TV there. Then I can hook up one of those entertainment centers around it. It will look boss.

There was no sign of the mouse so I’m guessing he went back to where ever he came from.

Photo by Brian Lary from FreeImages

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