The Mad Greek Woman Is Talking To Me Again

It has been a bit of an OK week. Work has become quite boring now we are in the middle of the school holidays. We have to do things like scrub marks on the wall of classrooms and it is very boring as it takes ages and you have to keep going back as you miss bits.

I logged into Facebook the other day to see a friend request. Without even looking at who it was I had a funny feeling it would be Thes. We haven’t spoken for a while as we fell out, because I’m a cunt of the highest order and a very suspicious person.

I was pleased but slightly surprised that she had added me as the last time I tried to speak to her she made it clear she wanted me to piss off. I didn’t blame her, I have one hell of a vicious tongue on me and can be utterly brutal with it at times.

I logged into MSN and she had unblocked me. After a bit she started to talk (I was determined that I was not going to be the one to start talking, she would talk when she was ready) and she suggested we met up to clear the air. That was fine with me until she said it would be somewhere without alcohol!

This is her revenge! :D

I was on a bit of a high after that so I thought since I got paid on Friday I’d have a night out. After work I went to a pub called The Goose and had several pints in there. I went there as it is cheap and was thinking I might bump into Billy & John Bracegirdle as it is a regular pub of theirs. But they weren’t there, it was a bit of a chance.

It wasn’t all bad though I got chatting to a barmaid and she asked me for my email that was associated with Facebook. Is this replacing giving people your number now?

Wes was having a bit of a gathering in Angel for his birthday and even though the aging god botherer did not invite me I was told by two people that he would not mind if I turned up. So I went to a pub called Steam Passage in Angel and sat on my own for 30 minutes drinking a bitter called Abbott’s.

Wes walked past me and looked stunned to see me. He explained that he didn’t mean to forget me, he actually forgot to invite a lot of people, including Reiss. It ended up being me, Wes, Reiss, Rob, Will, Alfie & Eddy.

Alfie was quite shocked and impressed that I was drinking bitter and said I should try London Pride, which I did and immediately fell in love with it. Me and Rob called our beers ‘fruit juice’ as we were not meant to be drinking the night before a match. :D

Reiss and Will took me to a place called Voodoo (I think), what an absolute shit-hole it was. You buy cans of beers and most of the time they were warm and had dents in them. To be honest I don’t remember a lot of it.

I remember going out with Will and having some cigarettes, I remember Reiss plonking a glow necklace thing on my head (and it wasn’t until I got home that I realised it went around your neck) and I remember meeting Emily for the first time and the look of hate on her face as she looked at me.

I bit my tongue and never said anything as she is Reiss’ friend and I am cool with her boyfriend. But I did feel happy when Reiss told me later that I did not have to be nice to her. :D

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