The Living Wage And The Minimum Wage Are Very Different

Twitter was awash with news that the Living Wage is to be increased. Whilst this is fantastic news, it is worth remembering, and pointing out, that the Living Wage is not the same as the Minimum Wage.

The Living Wage is a voluntary scheme that companies are invited to take part in, companies are not legally obligated to sign up to it. The Minimum Wage, however, is a legal requirement and must be abided by. The Minimum Wage – which is almost £2 an hour less) is not due to increase until 2022 (due to the coronavirus pandemic 2021’s increase is likely to be scrapped).

As far as I am aware no cleaning agencies have signed up to the Living Wage.

Agency cleaners, unfortunately, have no leverage when it comes to voicing their grievances. If you have an issue at a site then they will easily have replaced you by the time you have made it to the bus stop at the end of the road.

I do not see that changing any time soon because there is a high demand for cleaning jobs which means they can keep the hourly rate as low as possible and they will still have plenty of people queuing up to take the roles.

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