The Girlfriend is Back in Town

Today I had the girlfriend coming down from Manchester for a long weekend and knowing that my dad goes to hospital for his dialysis treatment today I deliberately made sure my girlfriend would arrive at the coach station while he was at hospital so it would mean I could pick her up and get home before he was due back.

He waited until last night to tell me he had changed the time of his dialysis treatment from the evening to the morning so I had basically put her on a later coach that took an extra two hours to get here for nothing. Add on to that the fact that she has badly bruised her tailbone and I had to meet one unhappy woman.

got to Victoria an hour early and was able to have a few beers in the Iron Duke while I waited for her coach to arrive, I had one too many and she had to wait at the departure point for 10 minutes, the fuss she made you would have thought I had left her to sleep there over night or something! I would never do that to her – they shut at 1am.

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