The Fat Fly Still Lives

The fly is still with us, mocking me every second that I am at the flat by bouncing off things and buzzing around my head as if to say “you can’t kill me you stupid bald cunt!”. He is immune to fly spray so I shall try something stronger to kill the greedy fucker.

Although I didn’t stay long today as I had to shoot back across London for a doctors appointment and to sign on.

I have a new doctor, which was a surprise and very awkward as I had to tell her all the things that it took me months to tell my previous doctor. She has put me back on the antidepressants and will increase the dose next time she sees me, not sure if it will work but we’ll see.

I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments on this blog lately, I’ve always had some but this past week or two I have seen something like a 500% increase and most of them seem to be promoting lipozene instead of the normal porn sites.

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