The End

Yesterday I played my last game for Acton Town.

One of my team mates was fouled and he squared up to his foulee he was pushed as I jogged over, to calm things down, another of my team mates came over and was punched in the face and hurled to the floor by the foulee.

I asked him what he was fucking doing and put my arm out to stop him coming near my fouled team mate and he then lashed out and punched me in the chin.

I’m afraid I lost it and went for him as several Acton players tried to restrain me. Edward grabbed me around the chest to try and drag me away but I still went after the guy until somehow I ended up near the touch line where I took out my drink and tried to rinse the blood out of my mouth as the punch had split the inside of my mouth.

Then I heard Edward telling everyone that I got exactly what I deserved because I punched the guy first, which I never did. I yelled some obscenities at Edward before picking up my bag and walking off to the sounds of Edward still yelling that it was my own fault and that I deserved it.

I ended up going to a local pub to have a couple of pints. Whilst in there Jayson phoned me and told me that the ref had downgraded my red card to a yellow, this was news to me so apparently I was sent off for being punched in the face. And the punching fouler? It would not shock me in the least to find out that he had stayed on the pitch until the end of he game.

I don’t want the team to go bust or get into trouble so I shall pay the fine money that I owe but as far as I am concerned that is it for me. Edward has talked shit to and about me for long enough and if I do decide to go back I’ll cave his smug little face in.

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