I have discovered a secret trick to getting plenty of work done, it is called ‘getting up at 3am in the morning’. I had a cup of tea and some toast and sped through about three days worth of work by 1pm. It had been a few days since I’d last done any work, a side effect of having bipolar, so I was pleased to be able to put some serious dent into my workload.

And at that time of the morning there are very little distractions, it was just me and the LBC radio station, no games and nobody to talk to on Facebook. I wrote 23 articles, edited all my blogs, upgraded the blogs to the latest version (3.3) of WordPress and checked & answered all my emails.

The side effect to this though is that by about 4pm I was flagging hard but as we all know, nothing is 100% foolproof – even the best medicines in the world have some dodgy side effects. I didn’t need this tiredness hitting me now as I was due to meet my main man Reiss at 6pm.

Thankfully a 30 minute nap had me back on track which was great because I don’t get to see him as much anymore so I really didn’t want to have to phone him and cancel. It might have been a while since I last saw him but we hadn’t forgotten our ritual Friday nights.

Things have changed though, when he came towards me he handed me a poncy beer that had the flavour of a rose wine and he now drinks ale just like me! This means that my beers are no longer safe from him on nights out. Reiss is one of those people who regularly misplace their pints and will taste other pints until they find theirs. Oh how I miss the weird face he would pulled after mistakenly sampling a pint of Black Sheep followed seconds later by a very high-pitched ‘Ewwwwwwwww!’

We went to Angel for a quick pint at The York where I split my attention between listening to Reiss and observing (I don’t perv) the barmaid with her tit hanging out. The Mucky Pup was calling us. There was hardly anyone in (something I’ve been told is a regular thing down there these days) but it was still an enjoyable night.

Someone (I think his name was Kevin) was in a very generous mood and bought a load of us two rounds of jagerbombs, the night got even better when Reiss told me he was not going home at 10pm as he had been instructed. It was an old fashioned Dean & Reiss night out, only without the violence.

We stayed until chucking out time, Reiss was weird on the bus, we got food on the way home and neither of us had sex. Oh I’ve missed those nights out.

I hope we can do it again, if his missus refuses to allow him out more often then I shall have to go to her home and steal her shoes again. Don’t call my bluff, Emma! I’m just crazy enough to do it.

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