The Ben Arthur Are An Awesome Band!

I went on a little trip to London Bridge with Reiss yesterday, he wanted to cook a meal for his girlfriend and wanted to get hold of some of her favourite ale which can apparently only be bought from a market near London Bridge. We failed as the stall was shut.

It was not all bad though, I got a free bottle of some shitty Soya chocolate milkshake that were being handed out at the train station and we stumbled into (or should be that minced into?) Mincing Lane, which had me in fits of laughter.

I was knackered by the time I got home, my dad has been running me ragged since he has come out of hospital. But I managed to grab an hour’s sleep before I had to get myself ready to go to the pub and watch the Arsenal game with Reiss and his girlfriend.

I have no idea why I keep referring to her as Reiss’ girlfriend as she does actually have a name.
They brought me a present and gave it to me as we were walking to the pub. It was a nice gesture, I felt a bit awkward because I don’t really like people buying me presents, I get suspicious and wonder what they are up to. It was a nice book of football jokes though, we spent about an hour after the game reading some of the best ones to each other.

I ended up back at Reiss’ place, Jen (Yay, I put her name!) went to bed and left me and Reiss to sink cans of beer in the front room, listening to Scuzz and generally talking about stuff that you can only talk about when you are drinking.

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