That felt Gooooooooooood

I was walking to the all-night newsagents to get some cigarettes and in the distance I saw two very drunk men stumbling along the pavement towards me. Although it was about 1:30am there were a few people around obviously on their way home from pubs/clubs/parties.

The two cunts (that seems to be an apt name for them) had invented a game, it involved running past people and pretending to punch them in the face and then laughing hysterically as the person flinched.

I could have crossed the road and avoided what was going to happen, everyone reading this blog knows what is going to happen, but I didn’t I simply I carried on walking towards them, secretly hoping that they would do to me what they had done to the other people.

I wasn’t disappointed.

As they approached me Cunt A threw the fake punch, I didn’t flinch, as they passed Cunt A turned around to see my reaction (like he had done with the others) by this time I had stopped and turned and I just belted him in the nose.

He fell over and ended up in a heap on the floor. I walked on as Cunt B went to help his fallen idiot comrade and drunkenly yelled after me “we was only messing about mate!”. Brilliant they were Scousers.

It felt fucking good. I wasn’t just hitting some stupid Scouse cunt, I was hitting every single cunt who has annoyed me, hurt me or just been a general prick to me over the past two months or so.

I then had a moment where I had just had enough of it all. You would have thought that seeing other people go through some of the shit that I’ve been through I’d have been able to learn more and avoid most of it. If anything I went in with my eyes scrunched closed really tightly.

Of course there is the little man on my left shoulder who says that I deserve the shit that has been thrown at me. I look to the little man sitting on my right shoulder, for a positive opinion, and he is saying the exact same thing.

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