Thank You Wigan

Yesterday I put on a bet that my dad was too worried about doing himself. He asked me to put a bet on for him that Wigan would beat Manchester City 1-0 in the FA Cup final later that evening, when I created an account and offered to put the bet on he backed out so I took the bet on instead.

In the 92nd minute Wigan scored and held on to win the game 1-0. I was very pleased because I put a tenner on them winning by that scoreline at 25-1 so was now £250 richer. The first thing my dad said when he got home from the hospital was that he wanted half for giving me the idea. I’ll buy him a beer but that is all he’s getting. 🙂

I was chuffed as punch about winning that, so much in fact that I spilt my beer all over the bar when the full time whistle went and nearly fell off of my stool.

Today was garden day, my nephew Nathan came round and we set about tidying up the garden and potting some new plants and vegetables for my dad. He now had broad beans, tomatoes and peas planted in his garden.

Reiss came round to give me some money he owed me and we went to the pub for a couple of beers and watched the rest of the Spurs/Stoke game. It has been a long time since I went to the pub on a Sunday afternoon but it was nice.

When I got home I discovered that my nephew had taken a top out the sink and put it in the dirty wash, it was a top that was soaking in bleach and now lots of my dirty washing had bleach marks on them, thankfully nothing expensive or I’d strangle him!

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