Taxi for Jackett

[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]Today I learnt that Kenny Jackett, Millwall manager for around six years, had handed in his resignation and the board had reluctantly accepted it. Some Millwall fans will be dancing with delight that Kenny has gone but the majority of us are devastated as we believe he was the man to remain at the helm and take our ship towards the promised land (Premier League).

Apparently the chairman tried desperately to change his mind but he was adamant that he wanted to leave as he felt that he needed a change and the time was right to leave. Is it a coincidence that Wolves have sacked their manager the same time as Kenny handed in his notice?

Loyalty in football counts for nothing these days and I believe he handed in his notice knowing full well that he was going to apply (and have a very good chance of getting it) for the vacant position, even though they will be in League One I suspect the lure of a transfer budget and more wages was too much for him to resist.

The favourite to land the Millwall seat now is Owen Coyle and frankly I’m in two minds about him because he did a good job at Burnley but then cocked things up at Bolton. Personally I’d like to see a manager who has a proven track record of doing things with a limited budget like Michael Appleton.

One thing that did surprise me was the amount of former Millwall players who are apparently interested with Teddy Sheringham, Stuart Nethercott, Neil Harris, Marc Bircham, Dennis Wise, Kevin Muscat and Sean Dyche topping the list. Bircham is 8-1!

Thank you Kenny for everything you have done for the club and I look forward to giving you a nice ovation next time you come to The Den – and then get ready for some abuse as we kick your team’s arse. 🙂

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