Taking on the Corporations

I received my mobile phone bill today and was rather surprised to see that it was three times more than what it was supposed to be. I was meant to pay £6.99 a month but my bill was somehow over £20.00. I know this might not sound like a big deal to most people but it was still THREE times more than I was meant to pay.

I tried to access my account online and for some reason it was always unavailable so I had to phone them to query the bill. I have 150 minutes of call-time, 500 texts and 250mb of internet time a month and my account was clearly showing that I hadn’t used more than half of each of them.

It turns out there is a feature on a lot of phones that lets you know if someone received a text from you or not, they call it a ‘status delivery report’, well I had this turned on by default and Orange were gleefully charging me £0.20 for every one that was generated!

They were also charging me £0.30 every time I checked my voicemails which I always assumed were deducted from the call-time.

Now I have sorted them out I was in the mood to tackle my bank. They charge me £12.95 a month for an Advantage Gold account and although I have had the account for over ten years I have never once used the crappy benefits that come with the account. Next month they are increasing the price to £15.00.

I had to spend fifteen minutes on the phone to the bank as a guy tried to sell me on all the ‘great’ benefits of the account, I stayed strong and he eventually conceded defeat and downgraded my account. This will save me just under £180 a year.

After making those two calls I felt in the mood to contact more companies and take them on but alas I only had two problems to deal with.

I feel like a proper grown up.

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