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Last Night I went to Holborn with Reiss, we met up with Michael (while you’re in this country you will spell it right!) and two of his mates Robert & Gareth. We did not get served in the first pub we went into because Robert was dressed like a 12 year old skateboarder.

Reiss tried to convince the doorwoman that Robert was older than us by showing her his wrinkles around his eyes, shockingly she did not buy it!

We went to The Interepid Fox, I was glad that we stood outside because I almost fainted in the toilet because it was so bloody hot in there, I’m sure they turn on the heating in order to get you to buy more beer!

We decided to go on a pub crawl (well they decided, I just went along because there was beer in easy reach) but the first two or three pubs we went into they just turned around and left, some people are so bloody picky!

We ended up in a pub that offered me a comfy seat, was not hot, had Sky Sports News on the telly and nice beer so I was a happy lad until they closed the pub at 11pm … on a Friday! In Central London!

Me and Reiss ended up back a The Intrepid Fox, I was lucky enough to grab a seat right opposite a fan so I was not in any danger of suddenly bursting into flames. Reiss went off to chat up some girl and left me sitting next to some smelly biker who smelt like he had not washed in years, cheers mate.

I was bursting for a wee so I headed to the toilet and one of the girls in the group that Reiss was talking to touched my arm and said “aww are you shy?” I came over quite rude as I ignored her and carried on to the toilet, it was either that or wee up her leg. 🙂

Reiss had been talking about this great kebab place and we got off the bus and bought some food but when you only buy chips I guess they all taste the same where ever you buy them.

I went home and listened to some Richard Cheese, probably waking up the entire block.

Not a bad night.

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