Surprising What Can Cure Things

I mentioned in my last post about going to Hastings a couple of times a week for the past month or so. In that time I have caught the sun on my arms, chest and back. I have caught it really bad on my back, so much so that I’m peeling and in some pain.

Not only is it peeling but there are red scabby patches on my back which are very painful when I put clothing on. I’ve used quite a few things to ease the pain, E45, Diprobase, anti-itching spray and even baby oil. None of them have worked.

In fact I got a little bi desperate and was putting on petty much anything I could find and do you know what I found most helpful? It was a back acne scar treatment cream that I had found in the back of a kitchen cupboard.

How random is that?

It is a bit like finding out that cancer could be cured by bubblegum or dog shit.

I’m going to spend the day at the flat tomorrow. I shall throw the big stuff out onto the front part and then call the council to come and get it. They will take the fridge for free but they will charge me to take the rest away. Tower Hamlets may have their faults but at least they don’t charge.

Instead of going down to Hastings this week I’m going to buy some stuff for the flat, maybe the paint so we can start painting at the weekend.

Might even take the dog with me for the day.

Photo by Yvonne Stepanow from FreeImages

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