Sudden Depression?

Have you ever become depressed or sad and you have absolutely no reason why it has happened? I was walking through Vicky Park this evening on my way to give Katrina some alcopops and suddenly I became really sad and had no idea why.

The weird thing was that I was thinking about what kind of activities I could do for my weekend away this coming weekend. It was one of those moments when you stop dead in your tracks and wonder out loud what the hell just happened.

Speaking of my little weekend away I now know what I intend to do for it.

Friday will consist of me travelling up to Newhaven in the afternoon and booking into my B&B room (I could not get a room in Seaford) before taking the ten minute bus trip to Seaford and having a gander around the shops and then heading to the pubs.

While I am in Seaford I intend to drink as many of the local ales in as many of the pubs as I can find.

Saturday morning I will be travelling to Hastings to watch the mighty Hastings Utd take on the just-as-mighty Lewes in a pre-season friendly at the Pilot Field. I wanted to see Seaford Town play but they are not playing on the weekend I am up.

If I get some time I’d like to head over to St Leonards-On-Sea to have a look about as I used to go to boarding school there and it would be nice to see the place that I used to try and escape from again.

Then in the evening I shall be once again be sampling the finest (and probably worst) local ales that Seaford has on offer.

Sunday I shall be catching a bus and heading over to Alfriston and having a look around the quaint little village. When at Bowden House we would stop off at Alfriston every other Saturday and Sunday afternoon and buy sweets from a local shop.

Then I shall be heading back to Seaford and spending a couple of hours in the afternoon in a pub or two before heading to Newhaven to pick up my bags and then catch a train home to London.

Obviously that is simply a pencilled guide, things can change. Reiss has spoken about coming to spend the rest of the weekend with me as he gets back from Portugal at the weekend.

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