Student Protesters: Stop Bitching & Take It Like Men

Have you been watching the recent spat of demonstrations by students who are pissed off at having to pay for their cushy stint at university? The fees that they have to pay are being increased so they will have less money to spend on booze, drugs, best acne treatment or tobacco.

I don’t blame them for being upset, I don’t like paying for my holidays either.

I’m not really concerned with their fees being increased, everything eventually rises in price, what I am more concerned about are the idiots who decided the best way to make a statement to the government was to riot, smashed up various parts of Central London and attack the police.

One protester was arrested and charged with attempted murder because he stood on the roof of a tall building and hurled a fire extinguisher off it and into the crowd of people below. How it never hit anyone I will never know. And these are the people that will be running the country, treating our medical complaints, teaching our kids, and representing us in court, in 10 years time?

I learnt something else the other day as well. Our universities are one of the cheapest in the world. Do you know how much it costs in America? Around £25,000. Which is a good £15,000-£20,000 more than we charge in this country.

Shut the fuck up and realise that you are not at school any more, it is time to knuckle down and earn your way through life instead of expecting a free ride.

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