Strange Dreams & Thoughts

I had a dream about an ex-girlfriend that woke me up in a very startled state, my heart was pounding and I had broken out in a cold sweat. It wasn’t a scary dream (we were actually hugging) but for some reason it made me wake up in a panic and I became too scared to go back to sleep in case I dreamt of her again.

At 5am there isn’t much that you can do without waking up the neighbours or other people in the house so I turned the light on and read until my brain calmed down and I slumped back into slumber.

When I turned on the news there was a news item about 83-year old football pundit Stuart Hall being charged with raping a woman when she was 22. Obviously this influx of arrests of celebrities for sexually abusing young people has opened up a huge can of worms (like how were they allowed to hide their actions for so long?) but this particular case got me thinking.

The rape happened 37 years ago in 1976, how do you prove a rape occurred almost 40 years ago? The victim only came forward late last year and any DNA inside her would have been long gone. Did she hold onto clothing for nearly 40 years until she became strong enough to report it? Was there primitive footage of the attack taking place that lasted this long?

There must be something because he has been CHARGED with the rape and will be sent to trial, they wouldn’t do that unless they had some kind of proof other than her statement.

I am not trivialising it, I am really interested in what evidence had managed to survive 40 years.

This kind of thing is what goes through my mind when I am meant to be working, only last week I was meant to be finishing an article but all I could think about was whether dogs get fed up being on all fours all the time.

Oh, and I love the picture that accompanies this post!

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