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I’ve decided that I am not going to go out as much at the weekend as I used to. I have noticed that when I go out I seem to either attract trouble or something happens in the group I’m in to sour the evening.

I don’t mean to cause trouble (and I certainly don’t go out looking for trouble) but I will stand up for myself and sadly a lot of people I’m with absolutely detest this about me. But I am certainly not going to let some random cunt smash into me and walk away without apologising for it. Who will stand up for you if you are not prepared to do it first?

It is not all bad though. This means that I shall be able to save up quite a bit of money so I can go and see the awesome Richard Herring and Chas & Dave next month. I’ll also be able to get that new computer I’ve been meaning to save up for.

It also means I can watch WWE Smackdown ECW & TNA every weekend and not have to download it from the internet because I’ve missed it due to being out. Yes I am well aware of how sad that sounds!

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