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After two weeks doing my little workout, to try and lose a bit of weight and sort my wrist out, I tried to up the weight from 15lbs to 20lbs but my wrist started hurting really badly so I decided to just increase the amount of reps I did instead.

I increased each set from 20 to 25, I have to do this slowly as I do not want to injure my wrist like I did when I re-tore my hamstring by trying to do to much too soon when I injured it a couple of seasons ago.

I’ll keep this for another two weeks then either try and increase the weight or increase the reps depending on how my wrist feels.

I added a new workout; I’m hoping to do this every now and again. I’m not sure of the proper name for it but you lift the barbell over your head but you bring it down behind your head to shoulder height and then lift again. It is a killer!

I have also started running again. I’m going to start running Monday, Wednesday & Friday for a couple of miles each time just to see how it goes, but knowing how much I love running I’ll probably increase the length way before I should.

I should really follow my running training guide that I wrote in school then I might be able to give it a bit of credibility when I decide to put it into book form as many people have suggested I should.

So my new workout is now:

25 Barbell curls (Repeat 5 times)
20 Sit-ups (Repeat 5 times)
25 Bench presses (Repeat 5 times)

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