Still Undecided

Days Without Alcohol: 6

I still have no idea what I am going to do.

Before I was working I was being paid for looking after my dad but my sister Charlene now does that job so that is not something I can go back to doing. Especially as he will be going into sheltered accommodation within a matter of weeks.

I can not claim JSA either as I was not sacked from my job. If I was really bad at my job and was sacked then I could claim JSA but because I left of my own free will (HA!) I am not entitled to claim for about three months I think it is. Might be longer.

I’ve had a little look on some job web sites such as Jobcentre Plus & Reed but apparently market researcher positions are incredibly rare. I have no shame in saying I enjoyed that kind of work at times.

Still I have to look on the bright side, it gives me an opportunity to do some more writing and earn a little bit of income that way. Which means you might see an increase in reviews on this blog but remember I’m skint!

That last little bit of news should make people like Will rather happy. :P

If anyone likes listening to comedy then I strongly urge you to check out The Collings and Herring podcast, it is pure comedy gold and a must for anyone who dares to claim they enjoy good comedy.

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