Still On Dial-Up

I finally got my broadband internet connection back on Friday, for about 30 seconds before it cut out on me again. I spent SIX FUCKING HOURS on a premium rate phone number trying to talk to someone at PlusNet who is not a complete fucking idiot!

“Is your computer switched on”?
“Have you turned it on correctly?”
“Have you plugged it in at the wall?”

How stupid do they think I am!?

It turns out that I am in the middle of being upgraded to an 8mb connection and it will take 14 days to set up. Until this happens i will have no broadband access even though I still have to fucking pay for it!

I never asked for this upgrade, I was quite happy with my 2mb connection, and they never sent me any communication to let me know about this upgrade.

So I’m back on dial-up until the 1st of the month.

Photo by Chris Woods from FreeImages

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