Still Looking On The Bright Side

I haven’t had many adventures over the past few days or so, I have led a rather boring life by staying at home and working my bollocks off by writing as many articles for my blogs as I possibly can before getting cramp in my hands.

Seriously, my hands looks like a 14 year old who has discovered what his penis is for and has been wanking himself silly 30 times a day for a year.

I am still feeling very positive after my recent decisions to push certain people out of my life. At the moment I am having no doubts at all about it but the real problem will probably come this weekend when I might be visiting someone just down the road from them and might be tempted to pop over and visit them.

But we will cross that bridge when it happens. At the moment I have no interest in seeing this person or even speaking to them.

I have spent most of this week writing articles for my blogs and for blogs belonging to other people (they pay me for this). It has been a long time since I have felt this productive, I’m hoping it will last for as long as possible. I’m writing as much as I can so when I start getting burnt out I’ll have loads of articles to publish.

It probably won’t last long, I’ll be back to my angry old self pretty soon. :)

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