Stick Cricket I Stab At Thee!

I have recently been playing a game called Stick Cricket and I have started to hate the game and the people who make the game, mainly because I can not complete the game if I am honest with myself.

– The ball swerves like nothing I have ever seen in a real cricket match.

– The bowler will sometimes hurl the ball at you (like they do in baseball) and it will smash you in the face and you fall onto your wicket and you are still out!

– When you hit a ball and the fielder catches it you can quite clearly see they have dropped the ball but you are still out!

– Sometimes you are out BEFORE you have even hit the bloody ball!

I was playing their World Domination game. The premise is pretty clear, you have an all-star team and you must take on other countries and be the best in the world. You start off by facing Bermuda who laughingly always have a score of over 200.

Whenever I get to about 150 my men start falling like a row of dominoes, as I type this I have just lost five men on the trot! All for ducks!

Maybe it is their plan to have games that are inaccurate as it makes you want to play again and beat them but obviously only the sad people who spend every waking hour on the game will ever get anywhere with it.

I’ve just read that last paragraph out loud to myself and it sounds like sour grapes on my part.

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