Starvin’ Dean

My dieting started in earnest today, I have tried dieting many times before, with varying degrees of success and failure, but this time I am more determined than ever to stick to the diet plan that I found – no matter how bloody hungry it is making me!

The diet is rather simple: I am allowed to eat three meals a day but the meals are very small and there is ABSOLUTELY no snacking in between allowed and the only fluids I’m allowed are water, tea or coffee, and even then there is to be no milk or sugar in them.

There is no swapping allowed either, if you don’t like something then you simply go without, apparently this diet is not just about calories but it is also about chemicals that the foods produce which also help you lose weight.

Here is my meal plan for today:

Breakfast: Scrambled egg and one grilled tomato

Lunch: 2 Poached eggs and spinach

Dinner: grilled steak and salad

They say the first day is the hardest and boy were they right! I spent most of the day trying to ignore the rumbling and pains in my belly by doing some gardening, I didn’t manage to do a lot but I did manage to put some more compost on the veggies, after a while I gave the laptop to my dad, loaded up The Soothing Company website (so he can look at what he wants for the garden) and then went back to bed.

Tomorrow might be worse as I’ll be starting my workouts as well!

No pain no gain!

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