Spruced Up Design

Well again I went nuts and decided to give my three blogs a nice tidy up, well hat is how it started but I actually ended up giving I Need Discipline and Wrestling Gazette complete new designs. I’m quite pleased with the results on the two blogs mentioned.

I also monetized the two blogs, which was something that I had failed to take advantage of in the past and I am actually very pleased with the results. I also gave this blog a little bi of a clean up, you’ll notice it loads a hell of a lot quicker, I’ve also tightened the monetization of this blog better.

There is currently a special offer going on over at I Need Discipline where I am actually prepared to give away the modified template design, so you can benefit with better monetization of you own blog, in exchange for you joining my mailing list.

Head over and check it out.

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

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