Spent Most Of Christmas Eve In Pubs

I needed to get out of the house so I made a stupid decision to do a bit of shopping, after all how many people would be out on Christmas Eve? Not many I had argued to myself.

I was walking past a Woolworths when I decided to peak in the door and what I saw was quite a sight. There was practically nothing left on the shelves and what was left was being picked over like vultures picking animal bones clean.

Despite the crowds (and having to spend a whopping 90 minutes in a queue in a shop) I managed to fight the urge to kill by going into several pubs for a swift pint. Go into one shop then head into a pub, I felt this was a fair deal.

One thing I dislike about Christmas is that both my family and my dad’s family (The Maltese Side Of The family as I call them) come to see us. I spend most of the year avoiding these people so why do they think I want to see them on Christmas Eve?

I decided to seek refuge in The Victory but only had a couple in there before they kicked everyone out at about 4:30pm so I went and camped in The Hare until Reiss came in at about 7pm.

I’d put away quite a few by the time Reiss turned up and he had a combination of jealousy and pride on his face as we headed into Angel. We went to a pub where we had some absolutely scrummy cider (Reiss’ boast about this place serving the best cider in London seemed bang on).

The barmaid took a real shine to Reiss, at one point she came over with a bottle of wine that she wanted him to open but he was on the fruit machine. I offered to do it and she looked at me like I had just asked her to perform a sexual act on me in front of the rest of the pub.

I do not remember much after this as the rest of the night is sort of hazy. I remember going into The Mucky Pup but that is about it. It is weird when you wake up in the morning in your own bed and you can not remember for the life of you how you got home.

These normally scare me as it means I’ve done something the night before but Reiss told me I was my normal self which I’m guessing is a good thing. No scratching women or trying to batter parked cars or random members of the public.


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