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I have played a lot of football Play-By-Mail games in my time. I started playing my first Play-By-Mail game when I was eight years old, which means I’ve been playing them for twenty years!

From Soccer Supremo’s right up to KJC Games’ Extra Time version, I have played virtually all of the games you can throw at me with differing amounts of success. It normally does not take me long to suss out how the game works and start winning with ease.

I then gradually get bored with the game and move on to what I hope will be a better one, obviously it soon bores me. I think because I often suss out how the game is played and soon start “pissing the league” after you have figured this out there is no fun in the game.

A couple of years ago I stumbled across a new game that was being advertised in FourFourTwo magazine called Kickabout, it was boasting that it was unlike rival football Play-By-Mail games on the market today.

And let me tell you that it IS unlike any football game I have ever played!

It is the most difficult game I have ever had the pleasure of getting to grips with. There is no “system” to pissing the league as I have found at all the other games in the past. In fact the game is bloody hard, I almost bankrupted my first team until I was sacked and removed from the game.

I was lucky because a couple of weeks ago I was given a chance to run another team in one of their others leagues. This time I will not mess up as I am confident that I have picked up a couple of little tricks from the other managers in the game.

The team I am in charge of are called Paradise Celtic and they are in Division 3 of the Livingstone League. Last season they ended just two places away from the play-offs and are considered a mid-table bet for this coming season.

The fees are bloody cheap as well, about the cost of a pint of beer a month! If anyone fancies giving this a try then send an email to Chris at chris.spelbinder@btinternet.com and do not forget to let him know that Dean Saliba sent you!

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