Some People Are So Stupid!

I watched a program on BBC yesterday called Horizons. It basically reported about the New Orleans disaster and why it happened. It was a very informative program but it did make me realise just how stupid some Americans really are.

The program said that a large population of New Orleans stayed behind, why? Did they seriously believe that they were going to fight off the hurricane (and it’s 20ft high floods) with their pitchforks? Or maybe they thought they could rob it as it went rushing through their city?

They also interviewed some of the families, most said that they were going to move as it was not worth rebuilding. But one family said they were going to rebuild and gave the impression that they wanted the government to pay for the rebuilding work.

Apparently New Orleans is in a bowl and the entire city is sinking into this ‘bowl’ every year feet by feet. And with the marshes and the levy walls not protecting them anymore scientists are predicting that New Orleans will become a modern-day Atlantis within the next 50 years.

The people living there have two two options. Move or fucking drown!

Photo by Craig Toocheck from FreeImages

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