Some Good News At Last

The boss asked to speak to me when I arrived at work today. As I saw him make his way over to me I carried on with my work somehow hoping that I would become invisible thanks to a magical hoover.

It turns out I had not done anything wrong and he wasn’t going to sack me, he wants me to join the team on a permanent basis. This means that I would no longer be working for the employment agency and would be working for the company that he works for (Ecovert.)

I’ve been told this means that I’ll be entitled to holiday pay and sickness pay, which is nice but more hours would be even better.

I was so relieved when he walked away that the supervisor asked me if I was OK. I told her I thought I had fucked up and was about to be given the bullet. She said that they were very pleased with my work and even the headmistress had commented on how clean the main hall has been lately.

So at least I am doing something right. 🙂

Tickets for Millwall at Wembley go on general sale on Monday and thankfully I don’t have to follow through with my threat of selling my entire family to get a ticket. I got some money through this week from a collection of articles I wrote which will mean on Monday I can constantly phone Ticketmaster and book my ticket at The Arch next Sunday!

So on the whole I’m in a good mood today. Millwall are only 90 minutes away from promotion into the Championship. The people at work think I’m doing a great job, my house is spotless and it is the weekend!

I promise my blog will return to it’s normal content of bile and hate very soon.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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