So Far So Good

I have not made a post this week (well one that I was not paid to do) so I thought it was about time that I did so. I have no excuse really apart from the fact that I have been trying not to spend so much time on the internet.

The week has more or less been a good one for me. Nothing has really happened to lift the cloak of depression that I was suffering from, and there were glimpses of it coming back but thankfully I have managed to fight it off by going for walks, putting a comedy DVD on or just chatting to a couple of people on MSN and Facebook.

A couple of people that I fell out with or insulted seem to be slowly but surely talking to me now which is another reason to smile. One of them has not spoken to me in about 12 years. Mental note, never shag a mate’s sister, they don’t like it.

I got a really good report in the latest Bethnal Green Celtic match report and was quite flattered to find out that I had been given the Man Of The Match award, despite being very unfit and out of breath most of the game.

As I’ve said before I’m going to North Finchley to see Paul Chowdhry on Saturday, I’m really looking forward to this. I’m not going to Reiss’ birthday bash as I don’t think it would be right to turn up when I’m not welcome so I’m going to stick around North Finchley for a couple of hours in one of the pubs and get drunk on my own.

I’ll be back in Finchley on Wednesday when a new open mic comedy night is being put on at a pub called The Catcher In The Rye in Finchley Central. Then on the Thursday I’m going to see another comedy show in Angel at The Regent pub.

On Sunday May 3rd I will be going to Borough to see a comedy show where the comics don’t tell jokes but funny stories that have happened in their lives. They have to be true stories and they have to be funny. It is a bit different. :)

On Monday I went mental and applied for 16 jobs. Sadly I was unsuccessful in getting any of them. One of them called back the next day but they were put off (like all the rest) when they found out that I do not have a CRB check.

There are three stumbling blocks. Firstly more and more employers are insisting that you pay for this yourself. Secondly you can not buy one, the employer has to. And thirdly most companies are now stating that you must already have it before you apply for the job.

Bit of a catch 22 situation here.

But apart from that it has been a good week so far.

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