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There are many blogs on the internet these days, at times it seems like there just might be more blogs out there than actual websites as more people create blogs in a bid to try and earn an income online. But sadly unless you have hundreds of thousands of visitors to your blog on a daily basis then there is little chance of earning enough to leave your job.

But what about if you do not have alot of traffic?

Allow me to introduce you to Smorty.

Smorty is a get paid to blog company that offers you the opportunity to use your blog to earn money by writing reviews about companies, products and services. You select a campaign that is listed on your control panel and write a piece about whatever the advertiser is promoting, you then post it up on your blog and will hear back in a couple of days to inform you of whether you have been approved or declined.

Not everybody can apply, Smorty do require that you meet the following requirements before they can approve your blog.

* Your blog must be indexed by Google and Yahoo
* Your blog must be older than 3 months
* Your blog must not contain any violent, hate related or adult content
* Your blog must be active and have a history of minimum average 2 new posts per week
* The blog must not have duplicate posts or excessive duplicate content

The main advantage that Smorty has over the other Pay-Per-Post sites is that they pay you weekly into your PayPal account when the others pay monthly. This can be a very attractive feature to most people.

Smorty use a special Blog ranking system to determine how much you will be paid per review, the higher your blog is on the Alexa ranking then the more you will be paid.

Although there has been talk of Smorty not paying out to people I believe this is sour grapes from people who had their reviews declined as I can personally vouch that I have been paid for reviews that I have done with no problems at all.

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