Smacking In Public

Today I had to go somewhere and decided to get a train, on the train was a mother and her boy who was about five. He did not seem to know how to behave on a train and put his feet on a woman next to him and was crying and screaming about juice.

From what I could gather he wanted some of his mum’s drink but she was not letting him have it as he had already had his own and was being greedy this resulted in more screaming. He then decided that he would try to take the drink from her rucksack (which was still on her back even though she was sitting down).

He tried this for about five minutes and every time he failed he kicked and screamed louder. I admit I became quite amused at his repeated attempts. But then his mum did something that made the rest of the carriage feel very uncomfortable.

She grabbed him and smacked him on the leg. This made the rest of the carriage look away as everyone had the same thought but did not feel confident enough to express it out loud.

When I was a kid I was smacked by my mum, I think it was that act of discipline that helped to send me off the rails as a youngster.

Image by Annabel_P from Pixabay

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