Although the game ended in a boring 0-0 draw yesterday I am not too disheartened because we played very well and will have another bite of the cherry on Wednesday night up at their place. We’ll probably get knocked out up there but at least we’ll get a couple of quid from a decent gate.

The problem with having my missus to stay is that my work schedule goes flying out of the window faster than a trapped bird who is making its bid for freedom. Today I have been gallantly (maybe a slight exaggeration) trying to get myself back into some form of routine so I can earn some small amount of money this month.

I managed to complete a couple of tasks today which might make me about £10, this is certainly not enough to help me fulfil my ambition to make a full-time living from working online.

The problem is she gets bored very easily and I then feel guilty that she has travelled nearly 400 miles to basically lay on my bed and watch me work. It shouldn’t make much difference as it is only about six days every three months or so, I just wish it didn’t take about a month to get me back into my routine again.

Photo by Shamseer Sureash Kumar from FreeImages

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