Slagging Me Off Is Easy

Yesterday I think I must have gone through every single possible emotion that there was to experience. From being happy & looking forward to playing for Bethnal Green Celtic right through to wanting to rip someone’s head off their stupid arrogant shoulders.

The game started off good, I was playing at the back with Rob, Johnny and Scott and things were going well. Me and Johnny were calling the back line together and both Rob and Scott were listening to us and doing good.

The midfield again let us down.

Then Johnny pulled his hamstring and had to come off. He was replaced by Reiss.

Reiss has been quite vocal to me about his role within the team, he is unhappy at not being able to force his way in and I tried to find a way of saying to him that he needs to bide his time and when he gets an opportunity then dive on it with both hands.

I thought that this would be the perfect time for him to do this. He would be playing alongside me in the centre of defence and he would listen to me and grab this opportunity. I was very wrong.

Rob heard me, the midfield heard me, the strikers heard me, even the manager heard me from over 200 yards away, but Reiss (from two yards away) still claims he doesn’t hear me on the pitch. Now he is either deaf, needs to clean his ears out more regularly or is deliberately ignoring me on the pitch.

James tried to talk to him as well and he got the exact same treatment.

Reiss was insistent on pushing up and leaving me very exposed at the back on my own. The manager told him to stop doing this but in the second half he continued to do it. I actually injured myself at one point and have torn my quad muscle again.

I was in a mood and after the game I did not take part in the game of let’s-talk-about-what-went-wrong-but-not-actually-do-anything-about-it talk. I had my nephew with me and I took him home and then went home myself.

Wayne phoned me a couple of hours later and told me that no sooner was I out of earshot then Reiss was slagging me off again saying things like how unfair it is that I did not have to take part in the talk and how he thinks I should not be in the team as I was swearing my head off and starting fights on the pitch.

During the match there was only one fight and I was the one in the middle of it breaking it up.

I got pissed off at the way we played. I’m a very passionate person when it comes to football, I want to win every ball and every tackle and I fully expect everyone else to be just the same in that respect.

If I make a mistake I will let out a huge yell of “FUCK!” or “BOLLOCKS!” because I’m angry at myself for messing up. Because I’m passionate about football I’ll lose my temper with people and will swear and shout.

Michael was being a lazy cunt up front and not running for anything so when he started swearing at me for not taking a goal kick I gave him a piece of my mind and asked him if he wanted to ‘have a word’ after the whistle.

Wayne then told me that Reiss was halfway through saying “Dean is only in the team because his brother is the manager” when he realised that he probably shouldn’t say it and did not complete the sentence.

This isn’t the first time he has slagged me off behind my back and I’m sad to say it won’t bee the last. I’m not going to do anything about it, if I did then I’d be branded as the bad guy because Reiss is very good at fooling people into believing his sweet and innocent smoke screen.

I was invited to South London by an old school friend who was having a BBQ to show off his cooking abilities, and he probably has a new billet grilles he wants to show off (the last two BBQs he has had he had a new one on his car, the flash twat). But after hearing that Reiss was slagging me off I was just so pissed off I just wanted to go home and slob in front of the TV.

Image by Jan-Niklas Kö from Pixabay

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